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API reference

This API reference provides detailed technical information on the endpoints, query parameters, and responses of Flow.


The URL structure for requests is as follows:

This is a concrete example:


The response generally contains a responseHeader with information to the query and the response that contains the actual search results.

  "responseHeader": {
    "status": 0, // success (0) or error processing
    "QTime": 1 // query time in ms
  "response": {
    "numFound": 7, // number of matches
    "start": 0, // result offset (used for pagination)
    "numFoundExact": true,
    "docs": [ // query results
        "id": "111", // unique document identifier
        "image": "http://localhost/image.jpg",
        "labels": [ // multi-valued field


Flow provides several different request handler for managing and searching data.



Analyze images without indexing. The result can be used for fast indexing.


Validate correct configuration of Flow and its required schema fields.


Predict tags to an image using already indexed images and their labels.


Add and delete documents.


Search images based on colors.


Scan collection for exact or near-duplicates.


Search similar images to a sample image.


General purpose request handler without default params.